Food & Beverages(F&B) - Wet N Joy Water Park Lonavala

Any destination is incomplete without food!

Food plays a major role to give us a taste, hunger satisfaction and energy so that our body can perform activities easily. The masses of delicious cuisines and the bunch of food varieties crave us to try all of them. Enjoy the multi- cuisines from across the world, under the attractive ambiance to which you can’t take your eyes off! Add some flavor to your park experience by tasting your favorite cuisines served in a unique style with a total secured hygiene quality.


Here we introduce you to a restaurant which is close to the heart of the park. Take a tasty ride with the most flavorful restaurant which serves you Multi- Cuisines like Chinese fast food, Indian varieties, we’ve got something that caters to every taste and palate.


Lip-smacking delicacies from the land of the Marathas! Enjoy a wide variety of popular Maharashtrian cuisines, cooked in traditional Marathi Style, and garnished with real Maharashtrian spices.


Craving something exotic? We’ve brought Italy to our park! Italia offers guests an exclusive range of Italian delicacies, authentic pizzas, sandwiches and more. So sit back, relax and go on a gastronomical journey to Italy! Bon Appetit!

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