Along with world-class rides, we also bring you delicacies from around the globe with three top-rated restaurants. Experience the aromatic Italian cuisine at Italia, the flavourful continental cuisine at Ocean Retreat and the mouth-watering Maharashtrian cuisine at Maharashtra Maazha.

Maharashtra Maazha

Amidst the splashes, the hops and the jumps, here is a chance to spice your memories
up a little. Walk into Maharashtra Maazha, our all-exclusive Marathi cuisine restaurant
where the options are unending and the tastes unforgettable.

CuisineMenu Item
Hot BeveragesTea
Hot BeveragesCoffee
Hot BeveragesMilk (200 ml)
CuisineMenu Item
SnacksMisal Pav
SnacksSabudana Khichadi
SnacksWada pav
CuisineMenu Item
BeveragesSol Kadhi
BeveragesButtermilk (Chaas/ Taak )
Ocean Retreat

In the heart of the park, resides its flavor. A multi-cuisine restaurant that offers food from
across the globe that will satisfy your taste bud in such a way that you will crave for
more. A one-stop destination where every member of the family can have the food of
their choice! While the kids can gorge on delicious pasta, the elders can content
themselves with Indian and Chinese delicacies.

CuisineMenu Item
PunjabiChole Bhatura
PunjabiPaneer Combo +  Roti + Salad + Pickle
PunjabiPaneer Combo +  Roti + Salad + Pickle (Jain)
PunjabiPav Bhaji
PunjabiVeg Dum Biryani + Raita
PunjabiJeera Rice Dal Fry Combo
PunjabiButter Roti
PunjabiChaas ( Taak )
CuisineMenu Item
South IndianCheese Onion Uttapa
South IndianCheese Plain Dosa
South IndianIdli Chutney Sambhar
South IndianMasala Dosa
South IndianMysore Masala Dosa
South IndianMysore Plain Dosa
South IndianOnion Uttapa
South IndianPlain Dosa
CuisineMenu Item
ChineseVeg Fried rice + Manchurian in Gravy + Soup
ChineseJain Paneer Chilly Dry
ChineseJain Hakka Noodles
ChineseJain Veg Fried Rice
SweetGulab jaam
The Italia

Italy just found a small space in the most entertaining water park of the country in the
form of “The Italia”. So sit back, relax and treat yourself to some sumptuous Italian meal.
Buon Appetito!

CuisineMenu Item
BurgerAloo Tikki Burger
BurgerVeg Tikki Burger
CuisineMenu Item
SandwichVeg Cheese Grilled
SandwichVeg Cheese Sandwich
SandwichVeg Sandwich
SandwichFrench Fries
CuisineMenu Item
PizzaAll pepper
PizzaGarden Fresh
PizzaMargarita Pizza
PizzaPaneer Tikka
PizzaPeppy Paneer
PizzaTrio Special

seasonal specialities

Icy Tower
Pop Land
Corn Ville
Frozen Castle