Water Park Safety & Guidelines

WetnJoy Water Park has installed all the rides from White Water Canada.
Safety is non-negotiable at WhiteWater. Each design is evaluated using carefully calibrated simulations followed by
meticulous testing and fine-tuning to get the ride experience optimal and safety-assured.

White Water demonstrate leadership in safety through their involvement with organizations such as ASTM
International and IAAPA to support the standardization of international guidelines that govern the development
of amusement rides and attractions world-wide.


Gorge on our food!

Not yours!

Respect the queue!

Don’t be a jerk!

Party like an animal!

But not with one!

Pregnant women and heart patients!

We can’t let you risk your life!

Have fun!

But without alcohol, guthka, pan-masala or tobacco!

Visitors under influence of alcohol will not be allowed to enter the park


Have fun, responsibly!

Avoid injuries

Lifeguards save lives!

Listen to them

Dress for the occasion!

Wear your Waterwear!

Look cool in water rides!

But without sunglasses!

The management cares!

Please be obliged!

Know your limit!

Proceed if you are brave enough!

Children will love it here!

Keep an eye on them, always!

Your child is under 13?

Accompany everywhere!

Lock your belongings!

Keep us out of it!

Make your best memories!

Store them in your heart, not cameras!

Be kind and good at the park!

Respect others’ privacy!