Let the water splashes take your all worries away!

Good times and tan lines will meet just at Wet’n joy! The slides speak the language of fun and give you an incredible experience like never before! Some are thrilling, some are chilling, and some are alluring! Wet’n joy is situated at a place which is convenient to travel as it is located at the most delightful place name, Shirdi, ensures that you will be craving to slide on the most thrilling and the biggest wave pools in the world, and the Hight Thrill Slide will enhance your adventurous mood. The second important factor is food! The mouth-watering versatile cuisine we get at Wet’n joy will surely be a treat. For your tummy! The earthy taste of a variety of famous cuisine will fulfill your hunger with lovely hospitality!


An extreme river ride that gets your pulses racing!

Conquer The River

Let’s enter the magical world of the most adventurous water park! Welcome to Wet N Joy Shirdi, where a truly magical experience awaits for everyone. Dive into the world of adventure with your family, friends, couples, crazy gang, colleagues outing! Grab the chance to live every moment with a burst of laughter and scream loud out wow! This time let people here the adventure!

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